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/ 서양고전중세건축 History of Western Architecture, from Classic to Gothic

  • 학기 2-1
  • 전공 선택
  • 학점 3
  • 강의시간 3시간 / 실습 없음

원시시대부터 중세에 이르기까지 제반 건축양식과 그 공간적, 형태적 특징을 비교, 연구하고 배후의 외재적 사상을 탐구한다.

An overview of the diverse traditions of Western archaic, classical, and medieval architecture. Students study the historical and synchronic relation between architecture, technology, and culture. From the beginnings of architecture, Mesopotamia, and Egypt, to Medieval and Gothic architecture, architectural meaning is explored through the examination of rituals, belief systems, techniques, and styles. It seeks to familiarize students with the timeline and styles of the period, methods of construction, and related architectural terms. The course will provide students with a basis for a more historically conscious practice for the present.

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