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/ 건축과 문화 Architecture and Culture

  • 학기 3-1
  • 전공 선택
  • 학점 3
  • 강의시간 3시간 / 실습 없음

시대와 문화에 따라 구별되는 건축설계이론과 실무를 개괄적으로 이해하고, 사회구조, 전통, 사상 등이 어떻게 디자인과 관련을 갖는지 연구한다.

The course emphasizes the role of architecture as a container of society and culture, and guides students to a critical understanding of the interaction between the physical environment and the values and customs of individuals and groups among diverse cultures. Students read and discuss critical issues in contemporary culture. They familiarize themselves with the way architecture represents and shares theory and practice with the wider culture and the way it responds to certain represent-ations. Through this course, students are trained to have a critical mind toward architecture and culture.

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