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/ 건축설계Ⅲ Architectural DesignⅢ

  • 학기 3-1
  • 전공 필수
  • 학점 6
  • 강의시간 0시간 / 실습 12시간

여러 개의 복합건물이 한 대지 내에 들어서게 되는 단지계획을 다루며 개별적인 혹은 그룹별 사례분석을 경험한다. 환경친화개념이 반영된 소규모 건물을 계획한다.

The course deals with two design problems, basic tectonics and urban infill. The suggestions on these design problems must reflect the student’s social and cultural viewpoints. Project #2: tectonics/ The project is devised to train students in architectural design focusing on the issues of tectonics, an architectural theory that deals with not only the architectural form and space but also the composition of generative sequences in architectural experience. Project #3: urban infill/ The project focuses on architecture as an urban infill that is incorporated into the urban fabric. Students explore the ways in which a building can assimilate itself into the changing urban environment. Design Studio 2 As Kenneth Frampton argues, modern architecture is invariably as much about structure and construction as it is about space and abstract form. In deed, the configuration of space is partially a direct result of construction techniques and technology. Modernism wouldn’t have been the same without reinforced concrete. Design Studio 3 The objective of this studio is to address the cultural context as technology and episteme of architecture, and reflect these factors in expression and practice. This is a way to address the issues of tectonics in architectural work. The other objective is to contextualize the process of architecture as a process of urban space. In other words, it is to re-construct and re-construe architecture, that is, a cultural genotype, into the city, an expanded phenotype.

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