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/ 환경친화건축 Sustainable Architecture

  • 학기 3-2
  • 전공 필수
  • 학점 3
  • 강의시간 3시간 / 실습 없음

지구환경보전에 대한 건축가의 책임을 인식하면서 환경 측면에서 지속가능한 디자인을 성취하기 위한 다양한 원리와 원칙을 이해하고 실제 적용방식에 대해 익힌다.

This course underscores the architect’s responsibility towards the preservation of the earth’s environment and explicates the diverse principles of sustainable design and the specific methods of their practical application. It explores the theory of sustainable architecture and its application in design. It provides basic knowledge of green history in architecture, site planning, energy conscious design, building envelope, environmentally friendly material, waste issue, and many other issues related to sustainability in architecture. With this basic knowledge, students conduct research on examples of sustainable architecture. Participants analyze natural and artificial contexts of the design project and understand the basic concepts of environmentally-friendly architecture, and interpret their various techniques for sustainable approach in architecture and urban design.

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