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/ 건축환경계획 Environmantal Technology

  • 학기 4-1
  • 전공 선택
  • 학점 3
  • 강의시간 3 / 실습 없음

건축환경에 영향을 미치는 열, 빛, 음의 기본원리를 이해하며, 건물의 내부환경을 조절하는 에너지, 온열환경, 습도조절, 일조와 일사, 음향이론, 차음 및 흡음에 관한 지식을 습득한다.

An exploration of the environmental elements of natural resources and urban artifacts. The course seeks to assist students in understanding the physical characteristics of elements that must be considered for a comfortable environment, and in establishing the ability to apply this knowledge to architectural design. The topics of the course are the basics of heat, air, light, and sound environment. The teaching focuses on the basic theories for scientific understanding and calculation of environmental factors, and on the integration of the theories to practice. Based on the understanding of environmental elements, students learn the values of architecture within the total human environment. Each topic is taught by a different instructor, a renowned expert of the field.

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