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/ 건축현장 및 인턴십Ⅰ Construction Site / Practice InternshipⅠ

  • 학기 4-1
  • 전공 선택
  • 학점 1
  • 강의시간 1시간 / 실습 없음

여름 또는 겨울 계절학기에 건축현장에서의 집짓기 또는 설계사무실 및 건설현장에서 인턴십을 하는 과정으로 건축학전공 3학년 2학기 ~ 5학년 1학기 사이의 재학중에 필수적으로 1회 이상 이수하여야 한다.

The course has three main objectives. 1) Students should acquire a direct sense of his or her social role as an architect. 2) Students should participate in an architectural project and gain sense of the realities of the profession. 3) Nurture student’s confidence in architectural practice. The student may receive credit by fulfilling internship requirements or participate in special programs such as the Community Building Program, K-12: Children’s School of Architecture, or the Asian Coalition for Architecture and Urbanism workshop.

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