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/ 건축설계Ⅶ Architectural DesignⅦ

  • 학기 5-1
  • 전공 필수
  • 학점 6
  • 강의시간 0시간 / 실습 12시간

건축설계에 관한 전반적인 지식과 경험을 토대로 학생 스스로 주제, 대지, 프로그램, 건물시스템을 결정하여 졸업작품으로 완성한다.

Building upon the knowledge and skills acquired from the previous design studio courses, students develop their own independent thesis project, which is then exhibited together with graduation projects of the Department of Urban Planning and the Department of Landscape Architecture. The thesis project should demonstrate a critical aptitude toward architecture and the student’s interpretation of contemporary culture and technology. Under the supervision of a faculty advisor, each student is given the freedom and responsibility to devise their own programs and issues. The thesis projects will be evaluated on its creativity, an accurate assessment of the issues being addressed, and the level of resolution achieved in the final project. The architectural thesis design exhibition is held near the end of the semester and students must submit the completed work for the exhibition, accompanied by a clearly detailed description of the design process in the completed work.

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