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/ 건축설계 Ⅷ Architectural Design Ⅷ

  • 학기 5-2
  • 전공 선택
  • 학점 4
  • 강의시간 0시간 / 실습 8시간

건축설계를 시공으로 구체화하기 위하여 필요한 모든 실무적 내용을 반영하여 프로젝트를 완성하고 도면 및 보고서를 작성한다.

The final design studio of the five-year program in architecture focuses on preparation and training for professional practice. The intent of the studio is to help students develop their design projects proposed in their independent thesis into a professional presentation and technical document. The studio trains students to gain a basic understanding of construction documentation techniques by developing the thesis project into a set of professional construction drawings. Throughout the course, students organize their design into a professional report, display the thesis work through various multi-media applications, produce a portfolio of design work, and build a website for the design work. By applying a systematic and constructive approach, students are encouraged to refine their presentation skills and learn about the communication tools available in digital applications that go beyond traditional media.

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