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/ 건축제도와 정책 Architectural Law and Policy

  • 학기 5-2
  • 전공 선택
  • 학점 3
  • 강의시간 3시간 / 실습 없음

건축분야의 법제도와 각종규제 그리고 건축주체의 역할과 활동, 정책, 행정, 관리 등 건축 전반의 큰 흐름과 동향 등을 다룬다.

Advanced course in architectural regulations, laws, and policy, their aims and strategies. The course guides students to analyze and evaluate specific issues of public policy and regulations in architecture and construction. This course aims to foster the ability to criticize and manage policies and regulations related with architecture, urban design, and city planning. Issues concerning public hygiene, safety, real estate, public welfare, and access for disabled persons are also explored.

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