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/ 건축실무와 윤리 Professional Practice and Ethicst

  • 학기 5-2
  • 전공 필수
  • 학점 3
  • 강의시간 3시간 / 실습 없음

건축의 계획 및 발주, 설계와 시공의 체제와 실무에 관한 종합적 이해와 건축인으로서 지켜야 할 직업관과 윤리를 탐구 배양하게 한다.

Students study the role and responsibilities of the client, architect, and contractor within the architectural and building process. By understanding the profession and its relation to society, students gain proper perspective on the ethics of the professional architect. Clientparticipation, construction management, building maintenance, construction supervision, and P.O.E. are the main issues of the course. Emphasis is placed on the professional knowledge required in being a competitive and responsible architect. The concepts and methods of business administration, the organization of architectural firms, financial management, and professional documents are also introduced. The course is taught as a series of special lectures that bring in practicing architects with firsthand knowledge and experience in matters of the profession.

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